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Welcome! Here at LB Pilates Studios in Biel, Switzerland, you will feel professional competence melded with genuine enthusiasm and caring for your health that will inspire your dedication to the Pilates Method. Whether new to Pilates or ready to reconnect after a hiatus, your fitness needs will be both addressed and understood.

Pilates is a method of exercise that trains the entire body while being gentle on the joints. The stretching of muscles occurs simultaneously while the body is being strengthened. Pilates develops lengthened muscles and fluid movements. It is a very efficient and effective way to exercise whose benefits can be enjoyed on their own, as a means of cross-training for other sports or as an overall enhancement to one’s quality of life.

We offer sports-specific Pilates training, such as Pilates for rowing, golf and tennis. Pilates is excellent for postural corrections, as in the case of dancers as well as musicians.

Your personal health, happiness and success through the Pilates method is this studio’s goal. All ages welcome! Youth and teenagers encouraged. Training from the most basic, inexperienced client to the advanced level and highly athletic. All your Pilates needs can be met through LB Pilates Studios.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us either by phone or email.

LaBriece & Your LB Pilates Studios Team studio

The studio is fully equipped with all Balanced Body Pilates apparatus of the highest quality and comfort:
Studio Reformer
Clinical Reformer
Trapeze Tower/Cadillac
Combo Chairs
EXO Chairs
Ladder Barrels
Spine Correctors/ Step Barrels
Foot Corrector
Bodhi Suspension System
Concept 2 Indoor Rowing Machine

Group Mat Classes are taught using the following props:
Pilates Arc
Foam Roller
Magic Circle
Balanced Body Barre
Triad Ball
Swiss Balls
Hand Weights
Fitness Bands

Our Team

LaBriece Ochsner, founding owner of LB Pilates Studios in Biel, Switzerland.
Pilates Anytime Instructor Competition Top 10.
Pilates Method Alliance Certified Instructor.
Pilates retreat leader and international workshop presenter.
Balanced Body Pilates Master Teacher Trainer & Bodhi Suspension Training Master Teacher.
World-wide Pilates mentor and health & well-being coach.
LaBriece is available for Personal training sessions, as well as exclusive Mat Classes.
Speaks English, German & Swiss-German.

Rebecca Corbascio

Mat Pilates Instructor
Bodhi Instructor

Fatima Meyer

Mat Pilates Instructor
Bodhi Instructor

Martina Flückiger

Freelance Pilates Instructor

Patrick Ochsner

Studio Manager
Bodhi Instructor

Alexander Kaufmann

Technology Manager
Retreat Manager

Private Training

Private Trial Lesson for New Clients: 75.–

No online registration necessary, just call!

Introductory Package for New Clients: 470.–

Initial Assessment for 140.– (instead of 160.–)
3 Pilates Personal Training Sessions for 110.– each (instead of 130.–)

* Recommended prior to Circuit, Chair & Duet Classes

Initial Assessment & Introduction To Studio: 160.—

Health review, basic Pilates mat fundamentals, Pilates Principles & introduction to equipment (90 min)

* Required for Personal Training & Duets

Pilates Personal Training/Privates


Package of 10 privates
Package of 5 privates
Single Private Session
Special Single Rate for U.S. Clients

Duets & Group Training



Package of 20 (same household)
Package of 10
Package of 5
Single Session
Single Duet Trial Lesson

* Prices listed per person

Trios on the Reformer


Package of 10
Package of 5
Single Session
Single Trio Trial Lesson

* Prices listed per person

Large Group Mat Class in Evilard


Package of 20
Package of 10
Single Class

* Prices listed per person

Live Video Skype/FaceTime Remote Classes


Single Session Private (55 min)
Package of 10 Private Mat/Apparatus (55 min)
Single Session Private Power-Mat (30 min)
Package of 10 Private Power-Mat (30 min)
Package of 10 Duet Power-Mat (30 min)

Instructor Training

Balanced Body Instructor Training Courses

Become a certified Pilates instructor through Balanced Body Education, with Master Teacher Trainer LaBriece Ochsner at LB Pilates Studios, the authorized training center for German- and English-speaking Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


Per Course
Balanced Body Course Manual


Mentoring includes training in mat or apparatus, student-teaching with feedback and discussion. Includes observation hours at no extra charge.


Single Session (75 min)
Package of 3 (75 min)


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