About the Studios

LB Pilates Studio GmbH opened its doors on September 1, 2016, exactly 9 years after the founding studio, Pilates by LaBriece, LLC, began on September 1, 2007 in Surprise, Arizona. The owner of both studios, LaBriece Ochsner, Master Teacher Trainer, has brought with her from the United States not only all of her top of the line, California-made, Balanced Body Pilates equipment, but also her wealth of knowledge in Pilates, dance and competitive athletics.


The studio is fully equipped with all Balanced Body® Pilates apparatus of the highest quality and comfort:


Studio Reformer®

Clinical Reformer®

Trapeze Tower/Cadillac

Combo Chairs

EXO® Chairs

Ladder Barrels

Spine Correctors/ Step Barrels


Foot Corrector


Bodhi Suspension System™

Concept 2® Indoor Rowing Machine


Group Mat Classes are taught using the following props:

Balanced Body Barre™

Pilates Arc®

Magic Roller®

Ultra-Fit Circle®

Triad Ball™

Swiss Balls

Hand Weights


Studio Etiquette:

Clients are expected to arrive punctually. 

Cell phones should be on silence.

Please do not answer phone or text during session.

No perfumes or strongly scented deodorant.

ToeSox® or other grip socks are required on apparatus.

Wear snug-fitting exercise clothing.

No zippers, snaps or buttons.

Please remove watches and jewelry with sharp edges.

Minimum 24-hour notice for cancellation.

Balanced Body® Pilates

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