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Testimonials – Arizona Studio

Daniella Hauptmann, Client since September 2007

I started doing Pilates with LaBriece in 2007. At the time I was preparing for my wedding.  When people saw me at my wedding three months later they kept asking how much weight I had lost. When I said 5 lbs they were shocked. My family thought I had lost 15 or 20 lbs because of how my body had changed. I attribute that to Pilates! Fast forward two years later and I was pregnant with my first child. I continued doing Pilates into my third trimester and I can say that Pilates definitely made a huge difference in being able to naturally deliver my baby. Not only do I love what Pilates has done for my body but I love having such a knowledgeable instructor in LaBriece. She knows the body so well and is always very conscious of form to avoid injuries. She also knows what exercises and stretches I need if I have hurt myself during my daily activities of life.  My favorite part about Pilates is that there is no running or weight lifting needed and I can do it together with my children at home!


Molly Davis, Client since September 2007

I have been doing Pilates for eight years.  As a mom, with limited free time, I love the efficiency of Pilates.  You could do hundreds of sit-ups, or you could do 30 seconds of work on the reformer and have the same result.  I prefer 30 seconds!  I have done Pilates through two pregnancies.  I felt comfortable and fit through the entire pregnancy.  And after delivering 10 pound babies, I returned to Pilates, and regained my pre- pregnancy shape.  Pilates has kept me strong and balanced, and has prevented many chiropractic visits. Finally, LaBriece is a positive and knowledgeable instructor with a quick pace that makes every minute count.



Kathryn “Kat” Hernandez, Client since May 2011

I'm not a cardio person and found Pilates to be the perfect work out for my body. Pilates maximizes muscle work without exhausting you physically. The key to visible results is precise execution which is totally dependent on the instruction you are given. A good instructor is knowledgeable, supportive, and able to customize training based on the individual. LaBriece is all of these things and more. Teacher, life coach, mentor, and role-model, to name a few. She has touched my life beyond a physical aspect and I live a more clean, disciplined, healthy lifestyle because of her teachings and guidance.  After 4 years training under LaBriece, I am in better shape than I was in my 20's. This will be true for years to come having been taught the correct form, execution, and mind-body connection of Pilates by one of the best in the business. 


Daisy Lansford, Client since August 2009

Pilates is where I go to focus just on me. To pay attention to self and to connect to my inner power source.  For a moment in time, I will concentrate on every breath entering and exiting my body. I will feel every muscle fill with energy and perform at optimal level. My body will realign itself as I release stored up endorphins. I stretch every part of my being. My courage to do better everyday is fueled by the time I spend practicing Pilates. The balance it takes to lead a full life is powered by my focus during Pilates. The patience it takes to enjoy the present comes from the strength it takes to find the calm in my storm. Pilates is where I enter a space of belief in myself.  It is the focus on this belief that I can turn around and teach my children and students that they too can do anything as long as they too believe in themselves. 



Angela Kirschner, Client since March 2012

Pilates with LaBriece has changed my way of thinking in a very positive way! I’ve learned from her great lessons that I wish I would have been taught years ago. My body gets results without feeling all of my athletic injuries from years past and I feel so much stronger. If you are considering Pilates with LaBriece just do it… you won’t ever regret it and you will see positive results all around!



Andy Maruska, Client since February 2013

Pilates does not ring macho and I was certainly skeptical going in as a male client.  After now two years of sessions with LaBriece, I’m not sure there is a more effective way to spend an hour a week to improve one’s health.  Pilates is an intense (send you home limping intense) workout that focuses on core muscles and stretching.  The just one hour-a-week workouts have not only sustained my health but I’m becoming more cut, I’ve experienced a reduction in chronic back pain and I just feel good.  LaBriece as an instructor is exceptional.  It’s clear she loves what she does so she’s always welcoming with a positive attitude, but she pulls no punches motivating me to push myself to my limits.


Françoise Roddy, Client since January 2011

I have practiced yoga for the past 40 years, including several years doing Kundalini yoga when we lived in Berkeley, California.  I find yoga and Pilates to be very complimentary.  Both practices require a strong center and a calm mental attitude. LaBriece Ochsner is an excellent teacher—of both yoga and Pilates.  Her studio is a haven of serenity and encourages diligence, both of which develop strength and self-assurance. Thank you, LaBriece, for availing us of your very capable guidance. A devoted practicioner…70 years young.



Laurie Williams, Client since May 2013

I began training with LaBriece approximately two years ago. Since May, 2013 LaBriece has been working with me on The Reformer, Chair and other Pilates apparatus once a week and I have been taking mat class with her once a week whenever possible. Pilates has made a tremendous difference in my overall body composition. After just a few sessions I had noticed improved flexibility and a stronger core. I had been going to a chiropractor monthly as I have had back problems from my vertebrae going out of alignment. Since training in Pilates with LaBriece I have been able to discontinue going to a chiropractor on a regular basis and my back has not felt this good in many years. I love LaBriece’s complete focus on proper form to maximize benefits while avoiding injury. LaBriece’s knowledge of the true philosophy and form of the Pilates method is amazing! So many other Pilates instructors I have taken classes from only teach ab-work and call it “Pilates”…but not LaBriece. I am now in my later 50’s and I feel stronger and in better physical health than when I was in my 20’s. I consider Pilates to be the best overall form of exercise and there is no better instructor than LaBriece Ochsner!!


Dr. Erin Maruska, Client since February 2013

Pilates has been instrumental in increasing my overall health and fitness. Prior to making a commitment to Pilates, I never understood the importance of the development of core musculature and improving my flexibility. My posture, core strength, and better alignment have helped counteract the ergonomic pressures that I encounter daily with my occupation as a dentist.  As a result, I have had less back and neck strain. My improved strength, breathing control, and flexibility have also helped me beat my half marathon personal records and surpass my long distance running goals.  I just feel and look better since I have started my sessions with LaBriece.  She is a great coach and motivator. Her knowledge and instruction continually help me reach my full potential.



Dr. Hanna Ian, Client since November 2014

As a 60+ year-old who is prone to injury on weight-bearing gym equipment, I was anxious, fearful and hesitant in approaching my first Pilates class with LaBriece.  Anxious I might be injured, fearful I would be injured and hesitant I could even perform the exercise at all.  At the end of my first session, I had no doubt I was in good hands with LaBriece.  She is highly knowledgeable, well-trained and an exceptionally skillful Pilates instructor who is diligent, observant, and attentive in designing my exercise regime.  She is masterful at assessing my strengths and weaknesses and patient in assisting my implementation of the movements.  At the end of each session, I am amazed at what I have accomplished and I feel tremendously invigorated.  Not only have I had no injuries, but I am ecstatic to report a very noticeable increase in strength after only four sessions!  Beyond her qualifications as a Pilates instructor, she is a role-model for healthy living—healthy food, healthy thoughts, and healthy actions.  She is a woman possessing strength of character, integrity, and values.  I give her my highest vote of confidence and am well-pleased in my decision to invest in my health with LaBriece.


Ginna MacLeod, Client since September 2014

There are two things that I’m truly passionate about in my life: my grandson and Pilates with LaBriece.  Pilates is the only thing I really do just for myself. If it weren’t for LaBriece, it wouldn’t be Pilates. That sums it up for me. 






Sarah “Dutchie” Vidal, Client since September 2014

Pilates is a very different way of exercising!  Exercising has never been my favorite thing to do, but Pilates has changed that!  Though it’s challenging, it is enjoyable at the same time.  My instructor has a plan just for me-- my needs and my age.  At 73, I didn’t even know if it was possible for me to try this sort of challenge.  But I’m glad I did and I look forward to each lession. Class time is structured and focused on each set of movements, so everything moves along smoothly.   LaBriece makes it fun as she guides me through each series of moves.  Some are pretty hilarious to see, but they work!  She has a great sense of humor and we laugh a lot; however, that doesn’t interfere with the workout…it just makes it more enjoyable. I have noticed that my balance has improved and my core is getting stronger.  This kind of exercise if fun! 


Steven McDonald, Client since December 2011

Initially I considered Pilates a predominately female form of exercise; however, after my first session, I quickly found I was mistaken. LaBriece’s thorough knowledge of Pilates convinced me otherwise.  She makes sure you are challenged, but is also conscious of your form.  As an athlete looking to regain strength and flexibility, I would highly recommend Pilates.  As someone looking for an instructor who is knowledgeable and caring, I would STRONGLY recommend LaBriece!





Lisa McDonald, Client since September 2007

LaBriece has a passion for sharing her Pilates knowledge and cares for your well-being.  I take duet sessions from LaBriece with my husband.  She has helped both of us to strengthen our cores and adjusts our workouts for us if one of us has tight muscles or joint issues.





Mysea Grice, Client since August 2014

Having had three children, my core muscles were not only weak, but also 'split' down the middle. After working with LaBriece for seven months, my core is much stronger, thinner (yay!), and the gap from the diastasis recti is finally closing up.  I am grateful to LaBriece for her personalized care and ability to motivate me to my physical limits - all while having a good time during my sessions with her. Beyond feeling stronger and more energetic, I just feel more confident in myself.  Thank you, LaBriece!!!



Rachel Guest (World Champion Track & Field Athlete), Client since August 2013

I will be honest, like most people, prior to trying Pilates I thought it was something trendy people did because they read about someone famous doing it. It has been almost a year since I first stepped into the Pilates by LaBriece studio. As I look back at my Pilates experience I cannot help the small grin on my face thinking of that first session. Let me first start by explaining my physical self at the time I decided to try Pilates. At 38 years old, my body would be in what most would consider excellent shape. I am an elite masters track and field athlete that has had quite a successful career thus far. To list just a few accomplishments: 2011 W35 Heptathlon World Champion, W35 indoor pentathlon American Record holder, 23 time national champion, 8 Arizona state records, 2012 USATF masters W30-49 female athlete of the year. Along with these accomplishments comes years of training and competition stress on my body. And, as if this is not enough, I am also a track coach and dance teacher. You could say I am somewhat competitive. So, when presented with the opportunity to try Pilates I looked at it as just one more "thing" to defeat. So, there I stood. Confident in my athleticism ready to tackle whatever silly little Pilates session would be thrown at me. Boy, was I proven wrong. The session quickly revealed a slew of weaknesses and imbalances that the years of sport specific training had hid yet also created. I left feeling... well for lack of a better word, pissed!! How could this trendy little Pilates rattle this strong, athletic woman? So there began my road to conquer Pilates. Week after week, session after session I would come and get worked over by things like the double leg rocker, the snake...and dare I mention, THE CHAIR!! And although I struggled, I refused to quit. I started doing a mat class in addition to my reformer sessions with amazing women that inspired me to stick with it. And little by little, I started to improve. As I entered into my track season (mind you this was only 4 months after starting Pilates) I was noticing a difference in my training. I had a new strength I didn't have before. My intervals were faster and my recovery times were improved. As any good athlete should, I log every training session. I reviewed my logs to figure out what was the reason for the improvements. I found there was only one change... Pilates. I went into the World Indoor Championships feeling faster and stronger that I recall feeling at past championships. At this stage of my athletic career, getting older is not necessarily a plus when trying to improve. Yet here I was... two years older than the last indoor championships. Running faster, jumping higher and jumping further. I would also like to add that at the championships I broke the American Record I had set two years prior in the pentathlon. As I write this recap, I currently sit number one in the world for W35 long jump and W35 55 meter hurdles. I am now 39 and at the "old" side of my age division. I truly believe that the strength and balance I have gained from Pilates is allowing me to get better with age. I cannot thank Pilates by LaBriece enough for opening my eyes and mind to what Pilates can do not just for me but for any individual needing balance in their life.

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